Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Folder Lock 7.1.8 | Full Version + Crack

Folder Lock 7.1.8 - Folder Lock permits you to password-protect files, folders and drives; secure your necessary files on--the-fly; backup them in real-time; defend USB drives and moveable devices; shred files and clean history

Protect your sensitive files and folders with Folder Lock - distinctive encoding software package with an abundance of security choices. This encoding program sports a colourful and helpful graphical interface, simple to use for the uninitiate, nevertheless powerful enough for the tech savvy. It provides complete privacy, protective your information from loss, theft, or virus attacks.

Folder Locker will protect your all files,folders and USB safely.

Folder Lock is strictly the type of code to use for making your information inaccessible to anyone but you. It permits protection, encrypting and password-protecting the files you hold necessary and strictly personal. Equipped with some handy further choices and capabilities, the program looks to be a wonderful choice for managing and securing your personal information. beside coding correct, Folder Lock provides you with safe on-line backup storage, permits saving the encoded information to mobile media thus you may transfer it to a singular laptop if needed, and provides the ‘Make Wallets’ feature that's there for you to store every type of personal information like open-end credit, Social Security, banking information and plenty lots of private things. it'll additionally shred files, clean Windows history and advise you on word strength.
Folder Lock 7's security tools create it price paying for over a group of comparable software package tools, if it's attainable to assemble one. however the web storage and correct makes the crucial distinction. It not solely stores and syncs information however conjointly creates absolutely transportable, secure, encrypted Lockers. you'll even convert Lockers into encrypted possible files you'll distribute to purchasers with facilitate from the shield USB/CD feature.
Folder Lock is fast file-security package which can password-protect, lock, hide, and cipher any form of files, folders, drives, pictures, and documents in seconds. secured files unit undeletable, unrenamable, unmovable, hidden, and inaccessible. you\’ll lock, scramble, or cipher counting on speed and security. Folder Lock is completely transferrable, thus you\’ll defend your files on USB flash drives, disks, CD-RWs, notebooks, and burdensome disks, and it doesn't would like installation on another laptop computer. Folder Lock protects files in Windows, DOS, and Safe modes, even when you modification your OS or boot from a disk. Folder Lock doesn't permit you to delete its own program folder, and it can't be uninstalled whereas not the right parole. further decisions embrace concealment Mode, Hacker strive observation, Shred files, AutoLock, self-propelled vehicle ending laptop computer, Lock your laptop computer, Erase laptop computer tracks, 256-bit Blowfish cryptography and Context Menu in human.


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